Throughout history chairs have been a staple design that have embodied function and style all in one. No matter the taste, we have a chair the will speak to you. Occasional, dinning, lounge or office chairs, we have them all. So whether its classic or trend forward let us help bring your style to life.

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Toro Roundabout Chair Toro Roundabout Chair
Jehz Sofas

Toro Roundabout Chair

R 14,500.00
On Sale SS Dining Chair SS Dining Chair
Jehz Sofas

SS Dining Chair

R 5,080.50 R 4,800.00
On Sale Raffia Chairs Raffia Chairs
Jehz Sofas

Raffia Chairs

R 12,200.00 R 9,200.00
On Sale Maxine Chair Maxine Chair
Jehz Sofas

Maxine Chair

R 9,910.00 From R 6,200.00
On Sale JL Box Chair JL Box Chair
Jehz Sofas

JL Box Chair

R 9,860.00 From R 6,200.00
Elula Chairs Elula Chairs
Jehz Sofas

Elula Chairs

From R 5,200.00
Cenare Chairs Cenare Chairs
Jehz Sofas

Cenare Chairs

From R 5,124.00