The Robala

R 47,810.00 R 32,400.00

Adequately named The Robala in Sesotho, this suite will get you "lights out" within minutes! The comfort and design have been thought through for a timeless and simple look so that you can enjoy your suite for years to come. The modular design also offers you the option of adding or subtracting to your specifications to suit your home. Confidently design your home with this contemporary piece today!


Full suite - 2.7m (W) x 1.85m (D) x 850 (H)

Corner element – 1m (W) x 1m (D) x 800 (H)

Center element – 850 (W) x 1m (D) x 800 (H)

Ottoman element – 850 (W) x 1m (D) x 450 (H)

Composition: Covered in U&G fabric ( 100 000 rub count ) with black stump legs. The foam filling for all our cushions and seating are designed specially by our local manufacturers to maximise comfort and for durability.

Cleaning Instructions: Spot clean with a dry cloth. Dab not wipe. Do not use any detergent or abrasive techniques. Professional cleaning recommended.

Source: Proudly designed and manufactured in South African. That's right, we're oh so lekker! 🇿🇦