The Constantia Cove

R 13,600.00 R 10,400.00

This curved couch has its sleek moments but its design is one you can take a moment to sink into.  It's a statement piece, so let your inner artist out. Dress it up the way you want to, be playful, make it magical. This couch is what you make it so take it home. 

Size: 850 (H) x 1.8m (W) x 1.2m (D)

Composition: Covered in U&G fabric (100 000 rub count) with a full wooden base for that floating illusion.

Cleaning Instructions: Spot clean with a dry cloth. Dab not wipe. Do not use any detergent or abrasive techniques. Professional cleaning recommended.

Source: Proudly designed and manufactured in South African. That's right, we're oh so lekker! 🇿🇦

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