Rhino wall head/tail planter

From R 749.00

Designers are inspired by their surroundings, and/or the collective social landscape. The efforts in saving the African rhino's is still the inspiration behind all our Rhino products. While we express our creativity through African Clay we can only hope that every time we sell one of these pieces we promote the plight of our rhino's and play a small role in their protection.

The product was designed on the philosophy that "If we plant the right seeds today, tomorrow will be better."

Add some fun to your wall with this head/tail rhino wall planter. Guaranteed to add some African flavour to any wall....indoors or outdoors.

Size: BUM 20cm x 15cm x 22cm 

         HORN 27cm x 15cm x 23cm

Care Instructions: Wipe with Damp Cloth